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Green planet cosmetics product shot.jpg
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Visual Identity & Graphic Design
Script Creative

Janosch Orlowsky

Green Planet Cosmetics

“I contacted Script Creative to give my company name a unique look, to make my hand drawn logo digital and to design my product labels. Aini gave me several options to choose from. It was very hard as they all looked amazingly well done.

Once I decided on one it went all very quickly. We only made a couple of adjustments such as colouring and the layout of a symbol and that was it. When I saw the finished work I realised what an incredible job she did as it looks EXACTLY as the image I had in my mind. Aini somehow managed to log on to my brain and visualise my ideas, right to the point.

I will definitly work with Aini again and highly recommend Script Creative to anyone!”

— Maria Tanck, Green Planet Cosmetics