Hello. Tervetuloa. Welcome. This is Script Creative - a modern calligraphy and design studio based in Helsinki, Finland. 

We want to give every bride, groom and creative business owner more access to beautiful, hand-crafted and calligraphy-inspired paper goods and digital designs. 

My name is Aini - I am the calligraphist, creative mind and free spirit behind Script Creative. I am an event planner by day, and a side-hustling, calligraphy-writing, tea-drinking small business powerhouse by night. And no, I'm not sure how I pull it all off, 

but modern calligraphy is my        
             absolute passion. 


I created Script Creative so that brides, grooms and creative business owners could have more access to amazing, calligraphy-inspired paper goods and digital designs.

And because there can never be too much creative skill in the world, I also organise hugely popular monthly workshops for aspiring calligraphists.