Hello. Tervetuloa. Welcome. This is Script Creative - a HELSINKI-BASED MODERN calligraphy and design studio.

We create stunning lettering and calligraphy designs that can be realised in print, digital format, murals, photo & film shoots, interiors, styling and stationery. You can also spot the founder and calligrapher Aini Mäensivu making live art at various events or teaching modern calligraphy and brush lettering at workshops. Our clients include Louis Vuitton, Nelly.com, MAC Cosmetics, Helsinki Design School and a bunch of amazing private clients.

My name is Aini - I am the calligrapher and free spirit behind Script Creative. I am an event planner by day, and a side-hustling, calligraphy-writing, tea-drinking small business powerhouse by night. And no, I'm not sure how I pull it all off, 

but modern calligraphy is my        
             absolute passion. 


I created Script Creative so that brides, grooms and creative business owners could have more access to amazing, calligraphy-inspired paper goods and digital designs.

And because there can never be too much creative skill in the world, I also organise hugely popular monthly workshops for aspiring calligraphists.